Original #Bluecrew Syndicate now holds 2 exciting winners from 5 horses (THE SINNER, PLATINUM EUROS), and the best still to come. With equally high expectations #Bluecrew2 Memberships are almost sold, enquire ASAP!
1. Stratum Filly
2. Better Than Ready Filly
3. Super One Filly
4. Rubick Filly
5. Choisir Colt
5 horses all for only $750 and $99 per month ongoing (a total of 2.5% ownership in these 5 beautiful horses, 0.5% in each horse)
Based on your feedback our Team McCall Syndicate #bluecrew2 will allow:
* First time owners to get into racing at an entry level
* Existing owners to increase their stable
* Owners to get communication from the stable directly
* Access to quality horses at a fraction of the normal price
You to have fun with a like minded group of owners!
What do you get???
* 10% has now been purchased by the syndicate in all 5 yearlings
* Exposure to the lucurative QTIS and BOBS incentive schemes
* 20 members (19 member shares plus 1 retained by the stable as Manager)
* Each member receives a 0.5% share ownership in each of the 5 yearlings
* Total horse ownership of 2.5%
* Cost of $750 for initial purchase of membership
* Monthly fixed fees of $99 per month all-inclusive for the 5 horses
* Pro rata monthly fees if less than 5 horses into the future
* Prizemoney distributed monthly as received to members
* No further management fees or Syndicate charges
* Members receive stable communications same as all other owners in horses
* Opportunity to submit names for all horses
* Invitation to all Nat McCall racing open days / stable tours and functions
* Syndicate name #bluecrew2 will appear as owner rather than the individuals in race book and online
* Expectation is to see horses racing late 2019 to early 2020….and Racing winners!
Get that winning feeling yourself or put together a group of friends or even your workmates and lets all go racing…….
Secure your membership now, email interest to
Nat McCall Racing #natmccallracing

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