Original #Bluecrew Syndicate now holds 2 exciting winners from 5 horses (THE SINNER, PLATINUM EUROS), and the best still to come. With equally high expectations #Bluecrew2 Memberships are almost sold, enquire ASAP!
1. Stratum Filly
2. Better Than Ready Filly
3. Super One Filly
4. Rubick Filly
5. Choisir Colt
5 horses all for only $750 and $99 per month ongoing (a total of 2.5% ownership in these 5 beautiful horses, 0.5% in each horse)
Based on your feedback our Team McCall Syndicate #bluecrew2 will allow:
* First time owners to get into racing at an entry level
* Existing owners to increase their stable
* Owners to get communication from the stable directly
* Access to quality horses at a fraction of the normal price
You to have fun with a like minded group of owners!
What do you get???
* 10% has now been purchased by the syndicate in all 5 yearlings
* Exposure to the lucurative QTIS and BOBS incentive schemes
* 20 members (19 member shares plus 1 retained by the stable as Manager)
* Each member receives a 0.5% share ownership in each of the 5 yearlings
* Total horse ownership of 2.5%
* Cost of $750 for initial purchase of membership
* Monthly fixed fees of $99 per month all-inclusive for the 5 horses
* Pro rata monthly fees if less than 5 horses into the future
* Prizemoney distributed monthly as received to members
* No further management fees or Syndicate charges 
* Members receive stable communications same as all other owners in horses
* Opportunity to submit names for all horses
* Invitation to all Nat McCall racing open days / stable tours and functions
* Syndicate name #bluecrew2 will appear as owner rather than the individuals in race book and online
* Expectation is to see horses racing late 2019 to early 2020....and Racing winners!
Get that winning feeling yourself or put together a group of friends or even your workmates and lets all go racing.......
Secure your membership now, email interest to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Nat McCall Racing #natmccallracing